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14 Hacks To Ensure Your Drains Keep Clean

A System With A Clogged Drain Is Really Inconvenient Particularly When It Occurs At The Most Inopportune Time. Apart from it being unsightly, the possibility of it posing safety and health risks and even causing flood, air pollution and leakage abound. Maintenance can be used to avoid situations such as these.

A clogged drain is caused by the accumulation of debris, small objects, grease, or the intrusion of tree roots into your drainage system. While you may have no blockage in your house's pipework, that does not mean larger clogs cannot occur in the main lines.

Stick To The Following 14 Tips To Keep It From Being A Problem In The First Place

1. A plunger can be one of the simplest and most effective tools.

2. Clear the debris from under your bathtub stoppers a couple of times per week. Before you put the stopper back in its place, make sure it's well cleaned.

3. If You Shed A Lot Of Hair, Make Sure You Put A Mesh Over The Bath Or Sink Drain Before Washing It. Just as you prevent food going down the sink in the kitchen, you should ensure hair doesn't go down your bathroom pipes.

4. Brush your hair before showering or bathing to collect loose hair on your brush instead of in your drain.

5. Call a plumber to cover your drains with grates When Cleaning Your Drains, Use A Bacteriological Drain Cleaner - One That Isn't Corrosive.

6. Plant flowers and trees away from your pipes to prevent their roots growing into your drains.

7. Arrange a contract with a drainage company to get occasional examinations and servicing without having to run after them. Our Drainage Portsmouth company in Portsmouth can provide you with comprehensive maintenance. Let your family know about the upsides to maintaining your household's drainage system.

8. Don't use chemical cleaners They can cause corrosion and serious long - term damage.

9. Don't Throw Stuff Into Your Drain. Don't throw foreign objects down them.

10. Try to avoid the introduction of oil, fat, meat, rice, hair, gum, grease, medications, condoms, cosmetics and similar item's into your drain.

11. Drains are designed for water q nothing else q except for the toilet, which is able to handle water plus human wastes.

12. Use A Wire Coat Hanger Bent Into A Small Hook To Remove Build - Ups Bellow The Drain Cover In Bathroom's And Kitchens.

13. Pour hot saltwater down your sink from time to time to clear out accumulation of grease.

14. There are many maintenance tips for your drains, these are just a handful; a few of which are alternative solutions. Whatever methods you choose, avoid acidic solutions at all costs!

If you try all these tips and still have no luck fixing your drainage system and are without a drainage company contract to back you up, don't force it. Instead, you should get in touch with a plumber. If you happen to be in Portsmouth then your best option will probably be Drainage Portsmouth technicians.